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2024 Inaugural STEM Odyssey Event Announcement!

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David Yang

founder/executive director

Hey there, my name is David Yang, and I am currently studying in the Unversity Transition Program (UTP). I am familiar with a wide range of coding languages, including HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Java, Database SQL and Javascript. My fascination with coding began at the age of 8, and I taught myself through various resources. I have experience in using a variety of languages to develop web applications and computer programs- for instance, I developed the DC Coding website mainly with the PHP Framework Laravel. I am also contributing to an AI research project led by a UBC professsor. Furthermore, I also enjoy tinkering and creating with Linux and Raspberry PI. I began teaching coding to children online in 2020 when I was in grade 5 and expanded my class into a nonprofit organization named DC Coding Association in 2022 as I wanted to allow this to benefit more people with a greater variety of valuable courses and passionate volunteers to join. In addition to being a long-time coding enthusiast, I also have a keen interest in math, violin, and badminton. With the greatest sincerity, I truly enjoy teaching coding lessons and offering valuable learning opportunities through DC Coding!

Vicky Kang

Marketing & Social Media Specialist

Hey there, I'm Vicky. I am currently studying at the University of British Columbia, where I am constantly exploring new concepts. Creativity has always been at the core of my passion and I look forward to crafting engaging content by bringing ideas to life. With a background in business studies, I am thrilled to be part of the DC Coding team as the Marketing and Social Media Specialist.

Jolie Ye

marketing specialist

Hello, my name is Jolie and I enjoy photography, graphic design, math and music. I am currently in Grade 9 at St. John's School and I have a lot of experience with advertising and have participated in Colombia University's Venture for All summer camp. My favourite subjects to take photos of are sunsets, plants, and my friends and family. The reason as to why I am so fond of advertisement is that it allows me to tell a little story about the topic and show everyone the beauty of ideas and creativity.

Eric Xiao

Senior Coding Instructor

Hello, my name is Eric Xiao. I am a student at Richmond Secondary. I have been programming for many years now, so I feel very comfortable teaching the subject. I usually use C, C++, and Java, but I am also familiar with Python, and Javascript. Besides programming, I also enjoy photography. Whenever I am with friends, I always bring a camera to take photos throughout the day. My favourite subject in school is Math, which is because of its importance in programming. In the past few years I have focused a lot of my time on programming, which is why I decided to teach programming.

Alicia Wei

French instructor

I’m a grade 8 student at McMath Secondary, and have studied French for 4 years now. In the 2023 Concours d’Oratoire in BC and YUKON, I placed 1st in my category. I also volunteered at the Richmond Public Library to help students read in French. My skills include dedication, organization and patience. I look forward to helping others improve their French abilities!

Yuko Xiao

math instructor

Yuko Xiao is a Grade 10 student at White Rock Christina Academy. Since she began participating in math competitions in seventh grade, she has developed an interest in mathematics. She has received numerous awards from Waterloo for being in the top 25% and top in school (AMC, CEMC). In addition, she has a strong understanding of both standard math and IB criterium math. She can therefore instruct in both a wider but less deep shape as well as a deeper but narrower form (IB). Hope to see you in class; she is really honoured to have the opportunity to teach and interact with new people in DC coding.

Oscar Liu

IT Support Technician & Teaching assistant

Hi, my name is Oscar and I’m a grade 8 student in Oakville Ontario. I’m passionate about technology, and continuously develop and further my coding skills in different languages such as Python, C++ and JavaScript since 2020. With my knowledge and experience in computer, along with good communication skills, I am very delighted to join and support the team as a Volunteer IT Support Technician in DC Coding.

Evan Knapp

coding instructor

My name is Evan Knapp. I am currently in grade 11 at Rockridge Secondary School. I found my love for programming at a very young age, and since then it has pushed me to delve deeper into computer languages such as Python, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I have worked inside and outside of school to further my knowledge of coding, and have taken extracurricular courses at the Under the GUI Academy. My other hobbies include going to the gym, martial arts, and music which keep me busy while not programming.

Cindy Liang

coding instructor

Cindy is a grade 12 student that has about 4 years of coding experience, and she can do Python, Java, HTML5, and C++! She regularly takes dual enrollment courses at her local community college to learn all of these programming languages and algorithms. Currently, Cindy is also a USACO silver division competitor as well, and has a passion for teaching others.

Medhansh Choubey

external liaison

I, Medhansh Choubey, am a bright and forward-thinking student at The University of British Columbia, studying for a Bachelor of Science degree. Beyond my academic achievements, I've engaged in several internships and volunteer efforts, demonstrating my commitment to learning and contributing positively to society. As the Product Manager at RasoiHub, I showcased leadership and problem-solving skills where I led the project to integrate customer reviews from different platforms into one system and developed a tool for analyzing customer feedback.I am also dedicated to sharing knowledge and helping the community. I’ve written a research paper on Cryptocurrency that was published in an international journal. Further, my volunteer work with the Ek Pahel B.R. Memorial Welfare Society emphasizes my commitment to supporting underprivileged children and women in India. Through various clubs and internships, including marketing and data analytics roles, I have shown myself to be a versatile individual driven by a love of technology. In my new role as a volunteer external liaison for DC Coding, I bring a combination of technical knowledge, a passion for technology, and a genuine commitment to making a difference. My varied experiences and active approach to problem-solving make me a great addition to our team, where I am ready to build connections, encourage teamwork, and lead impactful projects.

Peiling Li

coding instructor

I’m in Grade 8 and have about 3 years of experience in coding. I can do Java, HTML, CSS, Python, and C++. I have gotten excellent marks in the two Beaver Computing Challenges I have competed in.

Warren Ran

instructor & teaching assistant

Warren is a Grade 8 Student from Lord Byng secondary school. He is good at math, cryptocurrencies, computers, guitar, swimming, and languages. He is also a hard-working and responsible person. He also has a bit of coding knowledge. For him, joining DC Coding is not only to expand his experience but also to support David.

Alina Ren

Teaching assistant

Alina is currently a grade 7 student studying at Windsor Hall. She is good at swimming and art, and she is very responsible. Currently, she is helping to assist different courses at DC Coding.

Pierce Dewitt

math/science instructor

Pierce is a grade 12 student studying at West Point Grey Academy. He is an honor roll student with A in his math and science studies. He is one of our math and science instructors.

Bean Ozzie Ma

coding instructor

Bean is an excellent graduate student from David's Coding Class and is very experienced with Scratch, HTML & CSS. He is looking forward to meeting you in his classes!

Yanzhi Cui

Math instructor

Yanzhi Cui is currently in UC Davis University, and he is majored in applied mathematics. He is currently one of our math instructors.

Jasmine Aiemarreerat

math instructor

Hi, my name is Jasmine and I’m currently a grade 12 student. Having achieved high A’s in advanced level courses and a full score in the SAT Math section, Math is one of my strongest subjects in school and I am very delighted to join the team as a new Math instructor. Looking forward to meeting you all!