Code. Create. Inspire.

Our Mission

We are a registered non-profit organization located in British Columbia with the mission to provide a free, valuable coding education for anyone, anywhere and bring people who have a common passion together.

Our Story

DC Coding Association (formerly known as David’s Coding Class) was established by David Yang in January 2021 during the pandemic that offers free online coding classes for grade 3-8 students on a weekly basis. He started this class as heard that there were some children that wanted to learn coding. Then, more and more students enrolled in his class by word of mouth and there were a lot of good feedback that came to David. He also heard that some children were inspired by his coding class and found out that they really enjoy coding. David discovered that he like teaching his coding class. Concurrently, the classes provide educational opportunities for those who might not be able to find the opportunity in school or a paid education class. 

After two years of running his class, he decided to incorporate his coding class into a non-profit organization as he wanted this to offer more valuable courses due to the variety of needs he received from the students. In addition, he didn't want to see anyone who doesn't have an equal education opportunity for learning what they like to learn. He would like to have more great volunteers join our team to offer more help to the students. We look forward to have more great volunteers join our team to share their knowledge and offer more help to our students.

We would like anyone, anywhere to have a valuable and free coding education, and to bring people who have a common passion for coding together.