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2024 Inaugural STEM Odyssey Event Announcement!

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 Recruiting Volunteers for 2024 STEM Odyssey Event

We are recruiting volunteers for the 2024 STEM Odyssey Event. Lunch and snacks will be provided to volunteers. If you are interested, please fill out the applicable application form below:

 New Free In-Person Event: 2024 Inaugural STEM Odyssey!

Looking for a place to meet new STEM friends and gain valuable knowledge? Join DC Coding in our new event! Held at the UBC Alumni Centre, the 2024 Inaugural STEM Odyssey will be a day full of enriching educational STEM workshops targeted towards students grades 3 and above.


WORKSHOPS: Whether you’re looking for a place to apply what you know or learn something new, gain hands-on experience from our expert volunteer instructors! Together, we will be exploring how to use Arduinos, compute a program, craft with robotics, and calculate in math.

COMPETITIONS: Show off your calculation skills in our math competition and Rubik’s Cube challenge! Winners will receive certificates in our award ceremony with their names on them.


Brought to you by our lovely sponsors as well as volunteers, vendor stands will be offered as well as STEM activities and demonstrations.


After completing these workshops, participants will gain valuable knowledge and insight into the topics and, in some cases, even take home a completed small-scale project! Moreover, all event participants will receive electronic certificates. All competition attendees, regardless of the results, will receive electronic certificates of participation.


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DC Coding Association is a non-profit organization located in British Columbia that offers FREE high-quality coding and related courses for students. We have experienced volunteer instructors teaching our courses, which includes coding, math, science, and some special topics. Students will have the opportunity to have a free, valuable coding education.


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We offer a variety of free high-quality courses including coding, math, science, and some special topics. All of our courses are run by our passionate volunteer instructors. We have a variety of coding courses including HTML & CSS, Scratch and C++. In several courses, you will get a certificate upon successful completion of the final exam and assignments.

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"Everybody deserves the equal opportunity for education regardless of where they come from or what their situation is."

David Yang

Founder of DC Coding Association

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David Yang

Founder/Coding Instructor

Hey there, my name is David Yang, and I am currently studying in the Unversity Transition Program (UTP). I am familiar with a wide range of coding languages, including HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Java, Database SQL and Javascript. My fascination with coding began at the age of 8, and I taught myself through various resources. I have experience in using a variety of languages to develop web applications and computer programs- for instance, I developed the DC Coding website mainly with the PHP Framework Laravel. I am also contributing to an AI research project led by a UBC professor. Furthermore, I also enjoy tinkering and creating with Linux and Raspberry PI. I began teaching coding to children online in 2020 when I was in grade 5 and expanded my class into a nonprofit organization named DC Coding Association in 2022 as I wanted to allow this to benefit more people with a greater variety of valuable courses and passionate volunteers to join. In addition to being a long-time coding enthusiast, I also have a keen interest in math, violin, and badminton. With the greatest sincerity, I truly enjoy teaching coding lessons and offering valuable learning opportunities through DC Coding!

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We are looking for passionate volunteer coding, math, science, chess (or any other topic you are good at) instructors to join our non-profit organization located in BC, Canada. DC Coding Association is a non-profit organization that offers opportunities to students to learn coding, math and other valuable courses for free. You will have the opportunity to gain valuable teaching experiences and volunteer hours.

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Why students love DC Coding

This class is very helpful for your information about coding. So far, I'm glued to this class. Thanks for sharing with me!


Student of 2022 HTML & CSS Fundamentals Course

David taught me how to design and create a website in HTML and CSS. I learned how to write a paragraph and a title in different sizes and colors. I also learned how to write lists, font, images, hyperlinks and URLs. David is patient and enthusiastic. He always helps me when I get stuck. Thank you David!


Student of a previous course